Smart Strip Overview

SCG & LCG series - "The Original" Smart Strip ®

The original Advanced Power Strip, the popular- LCG & SCG Smart Strips ® were designed to simplify your electronic life and cut down on your electrical usage by certain electronic devices. The Smart Strip® does it by sensing the current in one outlet, and smartly switching on or off the rest. Turn your TV on, and the Smart Strip® turns everything else on with it. Have your computer hibernate, and everything else will shutdown the same second. Besides this, the LCG & SCG Smart Strips® are also outstanding surge protectors , blocking dangerous power surges and providing longer life expectancy for connected devices. The 5th generation Smart Strips® now feature a user-adjustable power-on/power-off threshold so that you can use today's lower power-draw electronics.    As if this wasn't enough, its ergonomic design allows regular plugs to sit right next to large transformer plugs, while its 90° angle flat plug resists damaging your wall or your furniture-or accidentally being unplugged. The recessed power switch prevents inadvertent switch off and it contains a built-in 15A circuit breaker.

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